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My Work

This past semester, my team and I won a case competition at Miami for Target Corporation. We spent six weeks working together and creating a marketing strategy that would improve grocery sales across Target stores nationwide. We collected a plethora of research, including a thorough analysis of competitors both inside and outside of the industry, interviews from Target customers, and consumer trends of several demographics and separate target markets. We gave a thirty-minute presentation to seven executive Target employees, which included our research, marketing strategies, renovations, opportunities to attract different consumers, technology innovation, and financial risks. During this process, I was able to completely immerse myself within a retail business and work effectively with a strong team.


I have a strong interest in fashion and retail, and I love digital branding and print advertising. Every year, the Club of Fashion and Design heavily promotes our Spring fashion show, which is completely comprised of student-made designs and garments. In addition to creating posters and apparel, I have also helped film and edit our promotional video advertisement to publicize the event. Recently, I photographed club members and models sporting their favorite apparel, and I designed a Fall lookbook catalog utilizing Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Unfortunately, it is too large of a file to upload, but is available upon request.


Furthermore, I am the treasurer for the Chi Omega fraternity. I have gained extensive organizational skills while tracking dues and fees of about one hundred and sixty women, and I have significantly increased my Excel proficiency while making numerous master budgets and payment plans. As an executive leader of my fraternity, I direct weekly meetings and conduct several individual personnel meetings in order to solve problems and innovate new solutions for the Sigma Alpha Chapter.

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