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After two plane trips, a taxi cab ride, and a short walk, I am finally in the big city. Today was a long day, but very well worth it. The weather was beautiful for a January afternoon, and the sun decided to stay. My roommates and I unpacked our smashed “business professional” ensembles, and we freshened up before meeting everyone downstairs. Fourteen girls on the trip calls for a lot of estrogen, but maybe we can start a New York sorority hashtag for the Instagram posts.

Our first and only stop of the day was going to be the 9/11 museum, which I was very excited about. However, due to some construction in the city and some very sweaty subway confusion, we didn’t make it on time and we missed that appointment entirely. But the evening was not a total bust: I experienced my first subway experience, and more importantly, it was No Pants Subway Ride day. Nothing could be more riveting than seeing true Manhattan natives baring the cold in their best American Apparel and Victoria’s Secret.

We were headed back to the hotel, not before passing through Times Square, and it did not disappoint. I have seen it on television hundreds of times, but there is nothing quite like seeing those endless lights radiating excitement and delight.

We had a fabulously satisfying dinner at HB Burgers, and then we traveled home. I am happy to report that the Belvedere provides comfy sheets and a shower with a cool handle that works great as a microphone for your sudsy jams. After exfoliating an entire layer of germs from the airport, I was finally ready to go to bed. If I had not set an alarm for the next morning, I would have reached comatose REM cycles, but I was ready for a very stimulating week.

Standing in Times Square at night.


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