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A New Adventure Awaits

The flatiron building.

I cannot believe that I will be traveling to New York city in just a few days. I have never been to the Big Apple, but I'm sure it will not disappoint. After seeing hundreds of photos of my friends and family in Times Square, marching on Broadway, and walking through Central Park, it is finally my turn to explore one of the most excting locations in the country. My schedule is completely packed with bookings, and I could not be happier. I will definitely be rubbing my feet after this adventure. A group of young women and I will have the opportunity to interview several notable journalists from the The New York Times, Fitness Magazine, Buzzfeed, and everything in between. I will be leading a discussion with John Terrett, a correspondent for Al Jazeera America.

I am very excited for some additional activities, including a trip to the 9/11 museum, a Broadway Show, and a few talk shows as well. I am especially looking forward to attending “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” because I find him absolutely hilarious and talented. I watched his former show, “The Colbert Report,” several times, and I am a big fan of his comical persona. We will also be attending a recording of “The Daily Show,” with new host Trevor Noah. While I have only watched Trevor in this role a couple of times, I really enjoy his stand up comedy specials (on Netflix, if anyone was interested).

I have always imagined having a driven and and exciting career ever since I watched “The Devil Wears Prada.” I enjoy fast-paced atmospheres, and I tend to become quite bored with a routine lifestyle. Even though I may not end up living or working in the city, it will be a brief but great immersion into what that kind of existence would be like.

While the anticipation builds, I will be utilizing geometry and physics to find a way to pack all of my necessities and clothing into one piece of luggage. But I suppose I cannot complain, my small suitcase is probably the same size as some New York apartments, so I assume nobody will point out if I wear the same outfit twice (right?!). For now, I will rely on Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York” hit song to curb my eagerness.


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